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Solutions in Food Service

Food Service Advisor is comprised of a team of industry professionals who offer decades of experience in the ever changing food service industry. We provide expertise in all facets of restaurant operations and pride ourselves on finding the correct solutions for our clients. We offer a unique service where the independent operator can utilize the experience of industry professionals leading to true cost savings and increased profitability.

Our process is simple, clear and concise. We will discuss any specific areas of concern with the operator and come up with a mutually agreed upon plan of action. Once the plan has been implemented and executed, we then follow with a period of observation to analyze quality, staff execution and levels of service. Our advisors remain by our clients side, as a partner, to continue to find the solutions they need.

Staff Retention and Training

Today's foodservice business demands require your employees, partners and customers to be educated on your company's product and service offerings in a streamlined, efficient manner. vBooks are today's cost effective alternative to costly face to face engagements with all of those audiences. The integrity of training method and message is maintained.

Training is the key to consistency in any restaurant. Upon completion of our comprehensive business assessment, our team will work with the operator, management and staff to help build a team environment and ensure the plan we create is in tune with the culture of the restaurant. The result is increased profitability through thoroughly executed plans, adherence to systems, increased check averages and customer flow.

In conjunction with CompuWorks, a premiere training company in the Boston area, Food Service Advisor is providing two ways to receive your certification.

You can also make very good use of these vBooks on Food Safety from the HACCP Consulting Group. These are excellent publications on Allergen Awareness and an introduction to HACCP and the benefits of using their process for food safety.

  • HACCP provided vBooks on Food Safety

If you are new to vBooks or would like to learn more, please watch the 5 minute demonstration on the versatility and power of the vBooks training method

vBooks Training Demo Video

Increasing Cash Flow and Profits

Let's face it. The last couple of years have been difficult for your bottom line. You would like your business to prosper, to grow and you wouldn't mind getting a little of that profit along the way. Food Service Advisor can help you with both. Here are a few ways the Food Service Advisor can help your bottom line!


The large chains spend millions of dollars on TV, on the radio and newspaper to get their word out. But you don't have "millions" to spend on your advertising.

The worse thing you can do in this down economy is to stop advertising. We can help you eliminate wasted dollars on advertising and marketingfor you business. Our Social Media Director will personalize your approach and start a conversation with your existing customers and reach out to new ones.

In this economy, and with all this competition, your customers need more reasons to continue to visit your establishment. FSA will identify those reasons and illuminate them to drive new foot traffic into your dining room.

Vendor Negotiations

Our own Purchasing Director will use his expertise to insure that you are purchasing the right product at the right price for your establishment. We use our long standing relationships with industry professionals to your benefit. If there is a better product for you we will find it! Our experienced team of negotiators will go to bat for you with each and every one of your vendors to make sure you have the most effective contract in place for your business. This includes every service you are using from your electrician and plumber to the linen service to the waste pick up company and of course your food vendors!

Our experienced team of negotiators will go to bat for you with each and every one of your vendors to make sure you have the most effective contract in place for your business. This includes every service you are using from your electrician and plumber to the linen service to the waste pick up company and of course your food vendors!


No matter the size of your restaurant, obtaining or transferring a liquor license in Massachusetts can be a difficult and time consuming process. Our attorneys know the law and possess the practical experience necessary to address this and all of your legal needs.

Cost Analysis

Proper menu engineering can make a huge difference to your bottom line. From the words you choose to describe your meals to the color and size of the fonts you pick to print. We will show you every detail of what goes into pricing out your menu to maximize your profitability. From placement of menu items to strategic pricing practices, our team will guide you through the process that leaves you with what your menu should be, a profit center.

Inventory Control

Having the correct controls in place will make your operation run more profitably. It can be the front of the house behind the bar, or the back of the house in the prep room. Avoid theft, waste and operational inefficiencies by instituting a system of accountability. Our team will show you how easy it is to get started!

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Food Industry Employee Manuals

Defending Employee Compliance and Litigation


Here is what some of our customers have to say about Food Service Adivsor

Cosmo and Food Service Advisor have been our "Go-To" guys for our operation. FSA finds solutions
Brian Counhan - Executive Chef of The Local, West Newton, MA

Food Service Advisor gave me advice that got me money back on my energy consumption. A quick energy audit and I had a check in hand based on my past usage. Nice to find money to put in the bank.
Paul Maslow - Owner, Operator of Strip T's Restaurant, Watertown, MA

Food Service Advisor came to Isabella on a Saturday to certify us on the Masssachusetts Allergen Awareness regulations. That flexibility allowed me ot have my entire waitstaff certified. That gives me peace of mind that our customers are aware as well.
Frank Santo - Owner of Isabella Restaurant, Dedham, MA

Food Service Advisor was instrumental in our move into the food service arena. We had been a retail shop only. Now our desserts are being served in restaurants across the state. We have started relationships we would have never had. Kudos to FSA.
Glenn Quirion - Owner, Operator of Sweet Tooth Bakery, South Bost, MA

I am compelled to mention about FSA as a company. They are my one source for all my daily needs. I used them from liquor licensing, franchising, website design, wait staff training and many more services. I have found them to be not only professional but with the utmost integrity. I recommend them, 120 percent
Ilias Kakouris - Executive Chef, Owner of Brutole Restaurant, Danvers, AM

FSA has had my business for a couple of years now and they do not disappoint. The have produced the results they said they would have. In this economy those results, speak volumes as to how they operate. Call me for referral anytime.
Marco Salerno - Executive Chef, Owner of Exclusive Chef's Inc.

I had an issue that FSA was helpful in solving. They were able to provide me the resources needed. Their network is amazing and offer a quick turnaround time. They also helped me with some advertising needs that I had. I am VERY satisfied with their services.
Tasos Mavros - Owner of Hayward's Restaurant, Lynn, MA